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YIFAN crawler mobile crusher Helps the Comprehensive Utiliza


YIFAN crawler mobile crusher Helps the Comprehensive Utilization of Construction Waste

In recent years, crawler mobile crusher has become a most common device in the construction of  new urban areas and reconstruction of existing of urban areas. Why is the crawler mobile crusher so popular in the crusher market? YIFAN thinks one important reason is that crawler mobile crusher can help the comprehensive utilization of construction waste.

With the process of domestic industrialization and urbanization, construction waste assumes the rise tendency. The total discharge and stacking of domestic construction waste has reached 10 billion tons, however, only about 50% of which has been fully utilized. There's still half of the construction waste can not be promptly treated. What's worse, the annually producing of construction waste is more than1 billion tons, which has negative effect on ecological environment. Therefore, it's extremely urgent for us to realize the comprehensive utilization of construction waste.

In order to solve the problems on the wasting of resources, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. has successfully launched a new type of construction waste disposal equipment—crawler mobile crusher. YIFAN crawler mobile crusher is of stable performance, big crushing ratio and highly mobility, strong ability to adapt to the complex environment, easy operation, low consumption, and can realize energy conservation and environmental protection. crawler mobile crusher is applied to multistage crushing of large materials, and then screen the discharges according to their different specifications. crawler mobile crusher can serve a number of locations and process material on the spot without moving material to other area, which will decrease the transportation cost greatly.

YIFAN crawler mobile crusher has been designed both for difficult areas and extreme inclines. Efficient crushing of bulky waste is crucial for the availability of the entire waste processing plant, as well as for the performance of the downstream sorting and separation technology. The crawler mobile crusher also serves well in waste collecting and demolition sites to reduce bulky waste and other bulky residue. The rebuilding of landfills in urban construction is really a perfect playground for the crawler mobile crusher.

Besides, YIFAN whole crawler mobile crusher plant is widely used in mining, building materials, highway, rail way and hydropower industries, etc., finishing crushing and screening operations at one time and  producing required size and output for consumers.